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TThe Kavreli Food is the collective voice of rice growers in Nepal. Kavreli Food Products represents more than 1500 voluntary members and supports growers on issues affecting the viability of their business and communities. Rice production is one of the most important agricultural activities on the planet-more than half the people in the world eat rice at least once a day. In Nepal we can produce enough rice annually to feed more than 20 million people 365 days a year.


Since, The day of Establishment we have researched many kind of rice. We not only produced the rice but we also research it.


From the day of Establishment we deliever the quality food products for everyone.


Contact us to know about the rices we produce. There are each records of what kinds of rice we produce.


E - W Hwy,(Infront of LIONS CHOWK) Nijgadh 44401,Bara, Nepal.
+977 9855045017 / 9843462317